Stovall Engineering is the world’s largest distributor of new surplus valves.  We have over 450,000 valves in our 400,000 square foot Memphis, TN warehouse.  Our $50 million inventory is in stock and ready to ship.

Stovall Engineering is also the North American Master Distributor for Davis Valve. We have $15 million in Davis valves on the floor.  We ship same day over 90% of the time with no annoying expediting fees. We believe our customers expect and deserve timely shipment of their orders.

Brands We Stock:

Cast steel gate, globe and check valves in all alloys:

Davis, Powell, Kitz, Velan, DSI, Walworth TY, Crane, Newco, Neway

Stainless Steel gate, globe and check valves:

Davis, Cooper, Kitz, Ladish, Powell, Aloyco, Velan, OIC

Ball valves:

Davis, Apollo, Jamesbury, Kitz, KTM, PBV, Velan

High Performance Butterfly Valves:

Davis, Durco, Keystone, Jamesbury, Xomox, WKM,Flowseal, Vanessa, Velan, Tricentric


Sleeved Plug  Valves:

Durco, Xomox

Teflon Lined Ball, Plug, Butterfly, Check Valves

 Durco, Atomac, Xomox, Amri, Neotecha, Technova, Garlock, Richter

Lubricated Plug  Valves:

Davis, Nordstrom, Walworth, Resun, Homestead

Knife Gate Valves:

Davis, Velan, Dezurik, Fabri, Rovalve, FNW

Forged steel Valves:

Davis, Bonney, Vogt, Velan, DSI, Smith, OMB, Hancock, Newco

Wafer Check Valves:

Davis, Crane, Velan, Marlin, Mueller, Goodwin